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Medibank Private Members' Choice Massage

Special Rates Apply - Please Enquire


HICAPS: Lets you claim on the spot for Remedial.

Massage and Acupuncture & Holistic therapies.



You must advise us at the time of booking that you wish to claim a rebate off your massage as the therapist performing your massage must be registered with the health fund.

HICAPS facility is available at both locations for Remedial Massage.

Gift Cards & Vouchers

All our Gift Vouchers and Gift Cards include Complimentary gift bag with a gorgeous gift card and Luxurious Pure Fiji Body Butter (for pick up at reception only). We make purchasing from Total Bliss Health and Beauty as easy as possible.

Simply telephone or email us with the details and we will mail the Gift Voucher. (Note: Postage of the Gift Vouchers is free but does not include gift bag, greeting card and body butter). Telephone credit card payments are also welcome. All Gift Vouchers have a choice of 3 months or 6 months validity. Please specify at time of purchase.

Upon visiting our naturopath, various questions will be asked about your diet and lifestyle. From here, recommendations on improving your diet, possibly adding supplements to compensate where your body is lacking in essential vitamins and minerals. Other recommendations may be made to changes in your lifestyle. Iridology will be used in which the practitioner will study the patterns of the iris to determine the diagnosis, and from there recommend any needed changes etc. (Health fund rebates apply.)

Naturopathy/Iridology - Subsequent Consultations


From $99.00

Naturopathy/Iridology - First Consultation


From $185.00

This is a system of medicine that starts by looking at your total health picture and individual ways in which the body has its own healing powers. In homoeopathic treatments the pattern of the patient's symptoms is matched with those of a remedy. The more closely the remedy pattern matches that of the patient, the more effective will be the cure. Homoeopathy is based on the philosophy like cures like. A homoeopath will take into consideration the physical, mental and emotional state of the individual, and match it with the remedy best suited to them. Remedies are dispensed in a pill or drop form. (Health fund rebates apply.)

Homoeopathy - First Consultation


From $145.00

Homoeopathy - Subsequent Consultations


From $75.00

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